Database Backup

Restore VMware

Restore the virtual machines from the IBackup account to your VMware environment in a fast, secure and reliable way.

To restore your VMware virtual machines,

  1. Click the 'Restore' tab.
  2. Locate and select the 'IBVMwareBackup' folder in your IBackup account.
  3. Click 'Restore Now' to restore the 'IBVMwareBackup' folder to the local computer.
  4. Click the 'Server Backup' tab after the 'IBVMwareBackup' folder has been successfully restored.
  5. Click 'Restore' in the VMware section.
  6. Enter 'IP address', 'Username', 'Password', and click 'Login to ESXi'.
  7. Browse and select the 'IBVMwareBackup' folder from your local computer.
  8. Select the virtual machine(s) you want to restore to your VMware server and click 'Restore Now'.
  9. Click 'Continue' when prompted to power off the virtual machine before continuing with the restore.
  10. A restore summary will be displayed on successful completion of the restore.
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