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Storage Space Promo Offer* Monthly Yearly For 2 years
10 GB 500 GB $9.95 $99.50
$199.00 $149.25
20 GB 1000 GB $19.95 $199.50 $399.00 $299.25
50 GB 2500 GB $49.95 $499.50 $999.00 $749.25
100 GB 5000 GB $99.95 $999.50 $1999.00 $1499.25
200 GB 10000 GB $199.95 $1999.50 $3999.00 $2999.25
300 GB 15000 GB $299.95 $2999.50 $5999.00 $4499.25
400 GB 20000 GB $399.95 $3999.50 $7999.00 $5999.25
500 GB 25000 GB $499.95 $4999.50 $9999.00 $7499.25
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Offer valid from
16th September 2023 - 21st September 2023

Overuse chares: If you exceed your account storage limit, the overuse will be charged at $2 per GB monthly. To avoid these charges, you may upgrade to a higher storage plan.

Comparison of IBackup with generic online backup providers

Why we stand out! IBackup Generic small business online backup provider
Backup multiple computers and devices
Continuous data backup
Mapped drives, External hard drives and NAS devices
Remotely Manage your backups via the web
Multiple backup schedules
Schedule restore

Server Backup

MS SQL, MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, Oracle and Office 365 Mailbox
Unlimited Sub-accounts (Create multiple accounts using your storage space)
Access and store (via web browser, iOS and Androids) Limited, no uploads via mobile devices
ShareShare (via Email, Facebook and Twitter) with permissions Limited
IBackup Express™ (Quick backup and restore via physical shipment) Not within the time-lines of IBackup or as cost effective
Disaster Recovery Plan
Business Compliance (HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and SEC / FINRA)
Support (Phone, Email and Live Chat)
Important note on the special promo:

* This promotional offer is time dependent and is valid from 16th September 2023 to 21st September 2023. The promo storage space and regular annual renewal pricing is for the life of the account. Users, who either sign up for a new paid plan or upgrade to a higher plan during this period, will be offered more storage (50 times) space than what we normally offer. Also, users signing up for a 2 year plan would get 50% off on the first year. An upgrade here means opting for a subscription plan with a higher monthly or yearly charge compared to the existing charges. For example: Upgrading from $9.95/month (a 10 GB plan currently) to $19.95/month plan for 20 GB would be a valid qualifying upgrade. One would get 1000 GB storage space, with the promo offer, on this upgrade. Offers are valid only for the first year of subscription. For subsequent renewals or upgrade the standard billing plan of yearly tenure will be applicable.

For 2 yearly plans, users must upgrade within the first year of subscription to benefit from the offers.

Promotional offers are not applicable for upgrades from the IBackup mobile apps.