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Nov 26, 2013
Vertical Systems Reseller
Online Backup provider IBackup announced a revamped version of its service. Updates include fully redesigned website and software, integrated mobile backup apps, new backend updates, and a new reseller initiative.
Nov 25, 2013
IDrive is making a renewed run at cloud backup with updates software and a new channel push. The tool got attention in the form of integration with mobile backup, a revamped Web site and some updates to the backend. Aimed at SMBs and used by over 100,000 shops, the company claims its IBackup tool is actually enterprise class.
Nov 22, 2013
IBackup, an online provider of integrated online backup and storage, has announced a bulk reseller program for partners who want to buy, resell and manage their customer accounts. The new program was added to the vendor’s existing referral partner program.
Nov 22, 2013
Channel Partners
IDrive Inc. has revamped its IBackup service and launched new initiatives for resellers.
IBackup provides online backup for SMBs. The product now comes with a redesigned website and software, mobile integration for Windows and Mac OS, one-touch backup/restore for iOS and Android devices, and integration for Microsoft SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, and other server backups.
Nov 21, 2013
PR Newswire
Online Backup provider IBackup today announced a revamped version of its service. Updates include fully redesigned website and software, integrated mobile backup apps, new backend updates, and a new Reseller initiative.
Nov 21, 2013
IBackup is rolling out a new version of its cloud-based backup solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), along with a new reseller initiative.
Feb 02, 2012
IBackup Provides Secure Online Backup and Cloud Storage for Financial and Medical Organizations Plus Public APIs for Custom Application Development
IBackup Is Designed to Meet the Unique Regulation and Security Requirements of Accounting and Medical Offices; Plans Start at $9.95/Month for 100GB of Storage for an Unlimited Number of PCs, Macs and Apple iOS Devices.
Aug 24, 2011
PR Newswire
Pro Softnet Corporation, a world-class provider of cloud storage, online backup, compliance and remote access solutions for consumers and business today announced its first annual Cloud.e event, which will drive thoughts, technologies, and best practices around cloud storage and cloud-based disaster recovery for businesses of all sizes. Cloud.e will feature two guest speakers, a special presentation by Pro Softnet CEO Raghu Kulkarni, and networking opportunities. This is a free event and refreshments & lunch will be provided. Seating is limited and guests interested in attending are kindly requested to RSVP as soon as possible.
Feb 17, 2011
PR Newswire
Pro Softnet Corp., a long-time pioneer in online backup and offsite data storage and developer of, announces the release of IBackup for iPhone. IBackup customers can now protect and share their mobile digital memories easily and quickly. IBackup for iPhone, joined with the power of IBackup for Windows, Mac and Linux, provides subscribers with the most flexible, reliable and secure online backup available.
Jan 25, 2011
PR Newswire
IBackup (, a leading online backup company, adds Microsoft SharePoint Server backup capability to its backup features.
Oct 01, 2010
PR Newswire
IBackup ( announces secure online data backup and disaster recovery solution for Schools and Education Institutions. Schools and Educational institutions depend upon on-demand data systems, from student records to professional research and content, to administrative applications and much more. Disaster recovery for these institutions implies protection of localized data pertaining to records, exams, or research.
Aug 10, 2010
PR Newswire
IBackup ( announces secure online data backup and disaster recovery solution for civil government and agencies.
Dec 16, 2009
PR Newswire
IBackup announces IBackup For Linux with a graphical interface to manage server and desktop backups.
July 16, 2009
The IBackup service is one of the most prominent providers of online data backup, especially among home and small-business users who have neither the time nor the resources to deal with conventional disk- or tape-based backup solutions.
Jun 9, 2009
PR Newswire
IBackup announces IBackup LTA (Long Term Archiving) solution to its SMB customers helping them meet compliance and regulatory requirements.
Apr 04, 2008
IBackup releases IBackup for Mac, an Online Backup application designed from the grounds up for the Mac platform. The application sports standard scheduling, compression, encryption, easy data selection, logging and reporting functions.
Dec 21, 2007
Leading online backup service IBackup ( recently announced a comprehensive web based scheduling management utility to its feature set.
Oct 05, 2007
A hot site is a duplicate of the original site of the business, with full computer systems as well as near-complete backups of user data. Following a disaster, the hot site enables business to relocate with minimal losses to normal operations. Ideally, a hot site will be up and running within a matter of hours. IBackup now offers a hot site disaster recovery solution using its flag ship IBackup for Windows application.
Jun 24, 2007
Leading online backup/storage solution provider, IBackup ( recently announced enhanced booster file transfer technology to transfer files from their PC to their online storage drive along with support for International character sets to cater to the worldwide audience.
May 23, 2007
Leading online backup/storage solution provider, IBackup announced its advanced Oracle database server backup capability.
Mar 28, 2007
Leading online backup/storage solution provider, IBackup (, announced its SAS 70 certification acquired recently.
Jan 11, 2007
IBackup ( the leading online backup and storage service provider has enhanced its online backup service by adding Unicode support to its IBackup for Windows Application.
Dec 01, 2006
Medical Economics
Nov 12, 2006
IBackup (, the leading online backup and storage service provider, today unveiled the brick level mailbox backup feature to their existing Exchange Server backup solution.
Nov 08, 2006
Pro Softnet Corporation unveils its new VAR Program for its IBackup Division's Integrated Online Backup and Storage service.
Aug 31, 2006
Webuser Magazine (UK's best-selling internet magazine)
Nov 30, 2004
PC Magazine
Small businesses have plenty of things to worry about besides their computer systems. In this article about Small-Business Survival Guide, PC Magazine recommends IBackup.
May 14, 2004
IBackup (, a leading online storage and backup service provider, has announced release of its Exchange Server Backup product, Advanced Backup Utility for Exchange Servers.
May 01, 2004
IBackup (, a leading online storage and backup service provider, has announced availability of its flagship browser based data management product, Web-Manager with advanced functions.
Dec 25, 2003
IBackup has introduced simplified WebFolders technology to add to its rich set of online storage features. Users can now use the WebFolders method to access their data as a network folder by simply entering the authentication information, either from within the browser or on the desktop.
Dec 24, 2003
PRWEB has released the newest version of its flagship online backup product, IBackup for Windows with improved scalability and performance.
Mar 19, 2003
IBackup (, a division of Pro Softnet Corp., has announced RSYNC compatibility to augment its rich set of applications for web-based online storage and retrieval.
Jan 03, 2003
The Leading Magazine For Information Professionals.
Report by Jan Davis Tudor, a world traveling independent information professional specializing in business and company valuation research and principal of JT Research.
Nov 05, 2002 Releases IBSearch, a Lightening Fast Customized Search Engine for Enterprises to Search Through Their Online Storage Data
WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 5, 2002--IBackup (, a division of Pro Softnet Corp., has released IBSearch, a lightening fast customized search engine for enterprise customers to search through their online storage accounts. This product is being made available as an optional feature to enterprise customers.
Oct 07, 2002
IBackup Unveils an Easier drag-n-drop Desktop Client for the Mac Platform, Enhances Its Online Storage Offerings for Multiple Platforms
WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 7, 2002--IBackup (, a division of Pro Softnet Corp., has announced release of IB-Goliath, an easier drag-n-drop desktop interface for the Mac desktops.
Oct 2002
After comparing IBackup with half a dozen providers of Internet File Storage, Claritech chooses IBackup as the best.
Jun 16, 2002
Toshiba ships SG20, a cutting edge product intended to evolve into a digital hub for the home, linking PCs, Stereos, TV and more. Backup service over the internet is provided via IBackup, for an additional fee.
Feb 24, 2002
IBackup signs up more than a dozen resellers in various countries to resell IBackup products and services. One such company is AccsysIT, a Melbourne, Australia based Networking Solutions company.
Nov 08, 2001
IBackup was compared with several other storage providers in several categories including speed, features, performance and other features and IBackup was rated the best. Please note the link provided is a German-to-English translated page.
Sep 28, 2001
What differentiates IDrive from competing Network Drive implementations is its ability to do concurrent operations using standard office applications. Now common business office applications such as Microsoft Word, Access, Excel and others can be used to seamlessly access and execute concurrent operations on files stored on IBackup accounts.
Sep 10, 2001
IBackup offers browser, wireless, FTP / WebDav and Software-based applications, customized scheduled backups and password-protected file and folder sharing...
May 08, 2001
ZDNet reviews Toshiba Magnia SG10 Server Appliance with a 5 star rating
The data backup and recovery control is excellent, with a web based utility that performs full, incremental or custom backups easily
Mar 05, 2001
In addition to the Magnia SG10's generous feature set, Toshiba has aligned with industry leaders to provide key services such as Web hosting and domain-name registration from InfoSpace, Internet-based backup from Ibackup, e-mail from, computer-based training videos from LearnKey and Bluetooth wireless solutions from Red-M....
Jan 22, 2001
Using IBCM 1.0, enterprises can extend their network cost effectively with Web-accessible storage. IBCM provides a secure, scalable, and reliable means for businesses to quickly add Web-accessible standards-based file storage applications. In addition, file security and access permissions are handled just like traditional network security methods -- the designated administrator can assign access permissions and allot disk space quotas for specific users.
Jan 05, 2001
IBackup has unveiled Smart-IB Plus, a Java-based online backup scheduler that offers compression and incremental backup capabilities for Unix platforms. IBackup provides businesses with a Web-based storage option that supplies file backup and restore capabilities with multiple folder via Java-based Web browsers.
Jan 04, 2001
Australia PCMAG review of IBackup
Browsing around your drive is fast and the interface is efficient. Unlike many other services, IBackup allows you to move, delete or share large numbers of files simultaneously. You can upload multiple files and URLs concurrently, and the search feature even accepts wildcards.
Dec 27, 2000
Smart-IB Plus is a Java-based, platform-independent scheduler program designed to back up and restore files stored on Windows / UNIX-variant systems onto IBackup account.
Dec 21, 2000
True to the nature of Java, the product is easily portable and could be implemented for multiple platforms. The entire product suite for IBackup service has been developed, keeping Java at the heartof its leading-edge technology for backup, storage, access and sharing from any Web-enabled device, including wireless devices.
Oct 09, 2000
What if you're on the road and you want to make some files available, or take a few offline? You can use this handy program on any wireless-enabled PalmOS[TM] device to manage and update your account on the go.
Sep 27, 2000
This is a full-featured service, and it is worth the starting price of $5 per month for 100MB of storage.
Aug 08, 2000
IBackup announces IB-Enterprise, the Enterprise-Class storage for Corporations
IBackup Business Solutions's leading edge technology features will provide your employees with the tools to store, access and manipulate corporate data remotely and securely from anywhere they have access to the internet greatly reducing the cost of maintaining expensive private networks and applications.
Apr 10, 2000
IBackup Enhances Java Based Backup/RestoreTool
The new Java based tool now provides the industry leading features for browser based data storage solutions including options to add any number of files/folders for backup/restore unlike most other competing products that enforce the users to select only a few files.
Mar 20, 2000
The best use of IBackup for Windows is to schedule auto-transfers for regular unattended backups. Users can even set the transfers for only the files that have been modified.
Dec 20, 1999
IBackup redesigned website launch including FTP ready features
IBackup is the only service offering in the web based storage segment that offers web based folder level data transfer operations and lets users use their favorite FTP programs to access their data.
Sep 07, 1999
IBackup redesigned website launch including FTP ready features