IBackup for Medical Professions

IBackup is designed to meet the unique medical backup requirements of the Healthcare Industry.

Medical practices need to meet stringent privacy and data protection standards as they are producing more digital information than ever before. The rapid increase in electronic health records, confidential patient data and diagnostic images etc., has made it mandatory for healthcare organizations to put in place an extremely secure and high-end data protection plan.

The IBackup Solution

IBackup offers an integrated, secure online backup and storage solution to protect your critical medical information. Data is stored encrypted in world-class data centers, preventing any tampering or illegal access and ensuring complete patient confidentiality.

Features of IBackup include:
Enhanced Security

Data is transferred and stored using 256-bit AES encryption with a user-defined key that is not stored anywhere on the servers.

Server Backups

Backs up MS SQL / Exchange / SharePoint / Oracle server, without interrupting services.

Data Backup

On first time installation, commonly used folders like Desktop, Music, Documents, etc., are selected for backup. You can then customize the backup based on your needs.


IBackup allows you to view and restore the last 10 versions of all backed up files in your account.

Multiple Computer Backup

Easily set up and manage multiple computer backups from a single account login.


View detailed log history of all backup and restore sessions performed. Track activities like login / logout and file / folder operations like upload, download etc.

HIPAA Compliance

IBackup helps healthcare services meet HIPAA compliance by securing data in a secure environment without compromising on patient privacy.

Don’t wait until hazard strikes; protect your data with IBackup!

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