IBackup for Schools and Education

IBackup offers a hands-free online backup service for schools and educational institutions.

Schools and Educational institutions depend upon on-demand data systems, from student records to professional research and content, to administrative applications and much more. Most conventional backup methods are outdated and limited in its scope of data protection, as it does not meet the requirements of educational organizations that may have offices in multiple departments and campuses with vital information. Disaster recovery for these institutions implies protection of localized data pertaining to records, exams, or research.

The IBackup Solution

IBackup offers a reliable, hands-free online backup and storage solution for schools and educational institutions to backup localized data, and a simple and inexpensive restore solution. All data is transferred and stored in world-class data centers using 256-bit AES encryption.

Other features of IBackup:
Multiple Computer Backup

Backup any number of computers to a single IBackup account with no restrictions.

Efficient and Secure Data Backup

Interactive or schedule online backups for computers and servers like MS SQL / Exchange / SharePoint / Oracle databases. All data is encrypted and stored in world-class data centers.

View Logs

View a detailed log history of all interactive, scheduled backup and restore sessions performed in your account.

Share files/folders

Generate share links for files and folders backed up to your account and send them to your associates for collaborative access.

Web Access

Manage, share and access your backed up files via any browser. You can create new folders, upload files, move, rename, delete and search files in your account.


Retain the last 10 versions of all files maintained in the IBackup account with the provision to restore any previous version of a file.

Don’t wait until hazard strikes; protect your data with IBackup!

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