IBackup for Dental Practices

IBackup secures your practice management data with a reliable and easy online backup solution.

Dental healthcare typically uses practice management software that reside on their servers and computers. These databases contain crucial medical information for the effective day-to-day running of the business. To lose data will cause a phenomenal backlog of work and undue stress for the practitioners. A simple and affordable disaster recovery solution is important to avoid any technical glitches and maintain a professional and diligent attitude in the dentistry field.

The IBackup Solution

IBackup understands the backup needs of dentists and offers an integrated online backup and storage solution to secure and protect critical data. All medical records are safely archived and stored encrypted, thus preventing any tampering or unauthorized access, making it ideal for dental healthcare.

Features of IBackup include:

Enhanced security as data is transferred and stored in world-class data centers using 256-bit AES encryption with a user-defined key.

Data Backup

On first time installation, commonly used folders like Desktop, Music, Documents, etc., are selected for backup. You can then customize the backup based on your needs.

Multiple Computer Backup

Set up and manage multiple computers backup from a single IBackup account login.

Database Backup

Backs up MS SQL / MS Exchange / SharePoint / Oracle server databases, without interrupting services.

Version History

View 10 previous versions of all backed up files in your account and the provision to restore any desired version.


View a detailed log history of all backup and restore sessions performed. Track activities like login / logout and file / folder operations like upload, download etc.

HIPAA Compliance

IBackup provides critical data security protection without compromising patient privacy and can help healthcare services achieve HIPAA compliance.

Don’t wait until hazard strikes; protect your data with IBackup!

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