IBackup for Insurance Organisations

IBackup provides a complete and efficient data backup and recovery solution for Insurance companies.

Insurance organizations are at the forefront when it comes to disaster recovery planning, as their line of work is immediately affected by natural calamities and unplanned events. Typically, insurance companies rely on digital tapes to backup on a daily or weekly basis. However, tape backup is grossly inefficient and problematic due to the sheer volume of insurance data involved. Also, the inconsistency of tape backup poses a problem in meeting regulatory compliance standards for accessibility of information.

The IBackup Solution

The IBackup online backup and storage solution allows insurance companies to protect sensitive insurance policy data, while resuming other business-critical operations with minimal downtime, in the event of a catastrophe. Most importantly, all data is transferred and stored in world-class data centers using 256-bit AES encryption with a user-defined key that is not stored anywhere on the servers ensuring data security.

Features of IBackup include:

IBackup backs up your critical data like Desktop, Music, Pictures, Videos, Documents, Favourites etc. It supports Open file backup and MS SQL, Exchange, SharePoint and Oracle server backup as well. You can also backup multiple computers and devices to a single IBackup account.


IBackup ensures all data is transferred and stored using 256-bit AES encryption with a user-defined key. Data is stored in world-class data centers and backed up to local RAID devices at regular intervals.

DR (Disaster Recovery) Plan

IBackup mirrors data between two sites, for any quantum of data, executed at frequency levels set by you. Following a disaster, businesses can relocate to normal operations in a matter of hours with minimal losses.


Retain the last 10 versions of all files maintained in the IBackup account with the provision to restore any previous version of a file.


View log reports that provide the history of all activities performed in your IBackup account in a browser session. Track activities like login / logout and other file / folder operations like upload, download etc.


IBackup assists businesses avoid fines and penalties via encrypted data transfer and storage that prevents unauthorized access to it, and data retention as laid down by federal mandates.

Don’t wait until hazard strikes; protect your data with IBackup!

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