IBackup Hybrid Backup

Complement your cloud backup with a secure local storage for your business data; get speedy backups and restores!

The Hybrid backup solution

IBackup’s Local backup is a perfect complement to the online backup solution, which solves its biggest problem of slow restores. Online backup, with its anytime-anywhere access, serves best in helping your business recover from disasters, whereas the major advantage with local backup is that it enables you to restore all of your lost files in a snap.

Why Local backup?

With Local Backup conveniently integrated into IBackup’s desktop application, you can backup or restore several gigabytes of data within minutes. You can do local backups to any mapped drive or any external hard drives. Moreover, IBackup secures your files with 256-bit AES encryption, with an optional private key that serves as an added layer of security. Means, even if your local backup is lost or stolen, no one can ever access your files.

Immediate or automated data backup

You can either perform local backup for all of your files as and when you please, or automate the process for regular data protection, by scheduling it.

Local backup for your servers and databases

You can locally backup all of your SQL Server databases, Exchange Severs, SharePoint servers, Oracle Server databases, System State configuration, and Hyper-V virtual machines. You can either perform interactive backup or schedule it for periodic backups.

Note: The local backup for servers does not support encryption.